Specializing in Copy Center Services for Duplication of Legal Records

With an absolute commitment to client satisfaction, our trained professionals are dedicated to meeting each of our clients unique needs for clients throughout California. We handle all document support tasks for cases large and small and deliver a wide variety of quality document imaging. Specializing in copy center services for duplication of legal records for Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury and Civil Subpoena cases, we offer a wide variety of services including record review and summarization, record categorization, EDEX searches, Sub-In Delivery & Pickup, WCIRB searches and more!

Explore our services and solution to learn more:

Subpoena & Record Authorization

Our Subpoena Solutions team handles all on and off-site subpoena needs with the utmost attention to detail. ⟶

Record Review & Indexing

Our professionals reviewing records thoroughly page by page to create an organized record. Save time with an index list with corresponding page numbers. ⟶

Case Management

Using our proprietary management software, we help handle all of your legal and insurance needs. ⟶

Record Categorization

Proper categorization of records is crucially important to any legal case. Our experienced & knowledgeable professionals sort them and help save you time. ⟶

EDEX Searches

When opening a new case, attorneys depend on NDI to perform EDEX searches to find & present documents on any prior injuries. ⟶

Sub-In Delivery & Pickup

National Document Imaging's team will pick up and deliver your sub-in files when you sub-in on a legal case. ⟶

WCIRB Searches

Our team has the experience needed to help you obtain the name of the insurer that wrote a California workers' compensation insurance policy. ⟶

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