Record Categorization

Helping Attorneys Save Time

National Document Imaging's experienced team work to review records page by page and create an organized index to help our clients save valuable time. Our team evaluates and analyzes medical records, and assigns categories to each record so they properly classified by Doctors/Nurses, Billing, X-Rays, Hospitalization, Diagnostic tests, and other medical areas.

Record Review & Categorization

Save Time With Our Expert Record Categorization

National Document Imaging Services works to review documents page by page and then re-sorts the pages by category. Once they have been categorized, our team ensures all are paginated and processed.

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Record Categorization Benefits

National Document Imaging benefits law firms and attorneys by helping saves our clients valuable time and money when organizing records.

Save Valuable Time

Our skilled professionals saves attorneys time by categorizing and indexing legal records.

Prepare For Depositions Quickly

Our team is skilled in taking complex records and sorting. We take the extra mile to ensure everything is accurate.


Attorneys time is valuable. We help by reviewing all records page by page, sorting them by category and ensuring they are properly paginated.

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