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EDEX, the Electronic Data Exchange System, allows approved subscribers and their clients to request and receive, via electronic transmissions, summary data of Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board cases. National Document Imaging works effectively to perform important search queries and organizes the data to help our clients cases.

EDEX Search

Providing Important Information For Our Clients' Cases

Utilizing our expertise and over 30 years of experience helping law firms, attorneys and their staff, we help perform essential EDEX searches to save time for our clients. When opening a new case, attorneys rely on NDI to request an EDEX search of a specific client to offer important insight into prior injuries.

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Benefits of Reviewing & Indexing Records

Our proprietary process helps businesses thrive by ensuring all records are reviewed thoroughly and indexed properly.

Find & Fix Issues Fast & Easily

With our experts reviewing your records and a keen attention to detail, we can spot issues fast and correct them.

Properly Indexed Documents

Organization is key and we help attorneys by creating clean index lists of every record with page numbers.

Save Time With
Expert Categorization

Our expert professionals review all records thoroughly page by page to create and index them saving you valuable time.

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